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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Dinner at the Diner

Friday night.  What do those two words mean to you?  For me, it was the end of the work week, the start of the weekend and it seemed the first night in a long while that I would be able to have dinner with the Mr. and both of our sons.  I was so tired when I got home from work I took a little nap and after a month's wait, I was happy to finally have my new glasses so we went out to celebrate.

When we walked in to the Cup and Saucer Diner in Pine Bush I was able to quickly scan the white board specials and the first thing that caught my eye was the French Martini drink special.  Yes, at the diner.  

Absolutely perfect.  Though I wouldn't find out until later, the drink was a few dollars more than my dinner, but happiness knows no price tag.  

The only issue at hand with having all four of us plus my older son's girlfriend eat together was timing and scheduling.  My younger son had made plans to visit with friends and was already behind schedule.  To help smooth things over we placed our orders and asked our lovely server to please bring his meal as soon as it was ready rather than with our entrees.  She was quite helpful and our plan did come together in the end.

Our younger son did not have to wait long for his crispy chicken ceasar salad and though he ate fairly quickly, it did seem like he enjoyed it.  Ceasar salad is not something I enjoy, mostly because I can not stand parmesan cheese, but the components of this one seemed fresh and well prepared.

The dinner salads also appeared crisp and clean.  The Mr. enjoyed his with Bleu cheese dressing.

The French Onion Soup.  It is a beautiful and savory example of how this soup should be prepared and served.  The broth has a depth of flavor, the onions are a nice size, the plating is practical, the cheese was hot and melty and though the Mr. is the expert, I thoroughly enjoyed my taste.


Older son ordered the chicken fajitas and when it was brought to the table in the sizzling pan, all eyes were on this fragrant and hot entree.  The dinner plate held the warmed shells with salsa, cheese and sour cream cups.

The Mr. went out on a limb and ordered a seafood special.  I was worried when the pasta arrived naked.  It may just be personal preference, but it seems pasta is better when it is at least coated in sauce and then I would have understood the seafood piled in the middle of the plate.  Either way, I tried a scallop and it was sweet with a hint of crust.  The Mr. was happy.

What else would I pair with my fancy cocktail but a classic grilled cheese sandwich with fries?  I know, I could have at least ordered a "Happy Waitress" and included some sliced tomato.  It was actually very well executed.  The bread was crisp, the cheese quite melty as you can see it ooze onto the plate and the fries were perfectly crispy.  The French Martini was the perfect compliment to the meal.

Older son's girlfriend arrived in time to only see our younger son for a few minutes which seemed to work out quite fine.  She ordered a grilled chicken sandwich which she said was delicious and I already knew her fries were going to be amazing.

The conversation train had many starts, stops and detours but one common topic was about our older son applying for a "grown up job."  The position would require training in another state which the Mr. completed over 25 years ago as well.  He told a few stories about his adventures and I wondered if our son was off on the same path for now.  Moving and shaking, his adult life is taking shape and we will celebrate the happy moments together, Fed Well.

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