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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Fajita Night

What to cook when you are tired and bored with your same old recipes, but are not in a good place for learning something new?  I can compare the feeling with wanting a new hairstyle but not willing to really have too much length cut off or change the color.  Pretty tough order.

Instead, I reach for the less frequently made but still relatively simple.  Fajita night.  "Can we have fresh salsa with it," my younger son requested.  Certainly and easy enough.  Chopped tomatoes, fresh garlic, fresh parsley, a sprinkle of Goya seasoning and fresh cilantro.

Fresh ingredients really do create the best dishes and I prefer to keep things relatively simple with a short list of seasonings as well.

I'm finding out I love not only the look and taste of food, but reading, learning and of course writing and photographing my food.  I now have an Instagram account as well so I can post food photos and maybe find others who share my passion.  The beer and salsa shot is on Instagram.

Simply sauteed peppers and onions... necessary and a huge component of the smellosphere.

My son and I talked about the benefits of using some beautiful and tender sirloin sliced relatively thin for the beef fajitas.  I also sliced some strips of chicken breast in a separate pan.  How to season? 
Irony is knowing you prefer simple and fresh seasonings yet hold on to the belief you need prepackaged "fajita" mix for the chicken.  While it was flavorful, next time it will be skipped.

It was nice to have my younger son not only home, but in the kitchen with me.  The joy of this meal carried over when he took some of the leftovers to work and then again the next day after that when he called me at work to find out how to duplicate the salsa.  Knowing my family enjoys the foods I prepare or we prepare together certainly leaves me feeling Fed Well.

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