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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Hudson Valley Restaurant Week Launch Part 2 of 4

Immediately following the group photograph of Chef's in attendance, everyone crossed over to the Culinary's Ristorante Caterina de'Medici for networking, questions/answers, and yes, a sampling of both vendor and CIA treats. 

I have to admit, I have a hard time with crowds and so I found the less congested second floor a great place to start so I could ease into the throng of excitement.

This platter of goodies was one of the first things I encountered.  Fresh mozzarella dusted with strawberry powder in a chocolate balsamic.  Who would have thought about this at home?

After watching one of the chef's try out one of the knife vendors wares, I headed downstairs and to the buffet line.  The CIA is not just about the food and presentation, it is also training people to have stellar manners.  It is refreshing enough to hear, "Excuse me," but it is quite a new sensation to hear, "Pardon me."  Something about utilizing the next level.

I also observed the platter exchange.  As foods were depleted, fresh was not simply added, instead the tray with less food was removed to the kitchen.   Here is just an idea of the food available on the buffet...

I confess, I did not try them all, but I was wildly happy with the bites I tried.  Delicate and tender meats, creamy risotto, and as I mentioned in the first post, the most succulent slice of blood orange. 

While taking a few moments to eat, I met Ellen Maher, Community Relations Manager for arcs (AIDS Related Community Services) and we discussed "Dining Out For Life."  the event is held Thursday, April 25 to raise forks and funds for HIV/AIDS.  For more information, please visit Dining Out For Life.

I was also happy to meet Hudson Valley GoodStuff's Vanessa Geneva Ahern and Happy Hudson Valley (and the Mid-Hudson Times) Stefanie Pearl. 

Feeling fueled well, I mean of course, Fed Well, I return my attention and focus back to the event and visit the sponsors and vendors (more about the experience in the next post).

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