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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Hudson Valley Restaurant Week Launch - Bocuse - Part 4 of 4

The Culinary Institute of America hosted the launch of Hudson Valley Restaurant Week at a very exciting time for the CIA.  Just one week earlier, their newest restaurant, Bocuse was opened with 87 year old Chef Paul Bocuse in attendance. My group was the first to tour with Stephen Hengst, Marketing Director of the CIA, as our knowledgeable and affably entertaining guide.  

A partial glimpse of the collage of photos including Chef Bocuse.  I am quite drawn to the one with the life size rat, seemingly from Ratatouille.  A wonderful movie by the way, but I confess to never having had the dish.

Each one of the photos do convey the feeling of a life with many chapters within an epic story.

The private dining room's portrait features Chef Bocuse's infamous truffle soup with puff pastry topping and a meaningful nod is also shown by using soupieres (are these very different from tureens? I am such a beginner.) in the chandelier.  The chairs somehow remind me of the 1970's and I have the same glasses.  I confess, mine were quite inexpensive.

Bocuse features more table side services from cocktails to ice cream.  No more pesky ice crystals and a creamier, denser ice cream are the explained benefits, but imagine the feelings of decadence when ice cream is blended just for you.  Though I have yet to experience it, I am sure the visual show provided by flaming cocktails or the addition of liquid nitrogen to the dessert must certainly add to the dining experience.

Wine, wine, everywhere.  

The colors, the pillows, the design scheme, oh my.

This antique silk spinning table houses roosters as a nod to Chef Bocuse and every aspect of the dining room either has meaning or distinct design reason behind it's use or placement.  Nothing is by chance or mere suggestion.

The wall sconces created are based on a classic chef's touque are topped by figurines of Chef Bocuse.

During the kitchen tour, Chef Bocuse was inclined to sign an area of wall tile next to a poster of his likeness.  This impromptu action has yet to be preserved by covering with glass to ensure the signature is not treated as vandalism.  It is noted with yellow sticky notes.

Simply peeking into the kitchen is a treat for me.  The students are busy with their tasks at hand and part of the training must include of course, how to work while under constant observations whether it is members of the press/media, prospective students, or visiting culinary professionals.  Every aspect of life in the food trenches must be touched on in their curriculum.

Post Hudson Valley Restaurant Week I will begin to plan my pilgrimage back to Bocuse as an enchanted diner.  I am looking forward to a magical meal leaving me feeling Fed Well.

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  1. You've whet our appetites and captured Stephan completely--so knowledgable, so passionate and so fun! Add to your list: must dine at Bocuse; must see Ratatouille.