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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Important Life Choices THEN Ice Cream

During the week, 3 women discuss what another stated about being a "loser" in life.  If you are single at the age of 45 - she believes you are a loser.  If you have not had children by the age of 45 you also must be a loser.  Well, funny thing is, she was talking about one of her husband's male friends to a woman who could be of a certain age who is neither married nor a mother.  Is she a loser?  She just bought her own home, has her own health insurance, is a tax-paying, law abiding, employed person who could even be described as "nice."  Is she a loser?  One of us is married with no children.  Is she 50% loser?  I am married with children, but the marriage has had some extreme bumps in the road.  Points off?

Three of us went out for Chinese food for Friday lunch and though we gave up trying to figure out the definition of a loser, we did talk over the merits and pitfalls of online dating.  I have heard from single friends some tips and stories including checking the driver's license of your date the first time you meet in person.  This tip was given long before the birth of MTV's "Catfish" show which reveals horrible internet impersonations or lying.

We shook up our ordering this week and so I am going to show the meal in reverse.  What is more fun than pistachio ice cream in February?

It was super creamy, a more than healthy size serving and had no ice crystals.  Presentation was lovely and it simply felt wonderful to eat!

Tai Chien Chicken

I avoid spicy foods and meals that are identified on a menu with a red pepper or other red icon are typically off my radar.  One member of the lunch group simply loves spice and found a new favorite with the Tai Chien chicken.

For the last six months or so I ALWAYS order the shrimp with rice noodles from this particular restaurant so switching things up was overdue but confusing to the staff.  I had the Pepper Steak and it was tender beef with crisp peppers and onions.  The sauce was full bodied, not salty and enough to coat the food without smothering it.  A welcome change, but I did not need the spoon the server brought me out of habit.  I originally threatened to balance it on the tip of my nose, but I've never been able to pull off this trick.

One in the group stayed with her usual, General Tao's Tofu.  She also enjoys a bit of spice and has been quite happy with this particular tofu dish.

Yes, we had a full selection of foods as we talked over the definition of a loser.  The crisp scallion pancake is one of those foods that can be eaten whether you are hungry or not.  Sort of like Jell-o, you always have room.

It all begins with hot tea and soup.  Nothing more traditional than Won-Ton for me.  We realize none of us are losers and everyone has their own journey.  The strange part was hearing some one's opinion and definition of a "loser"... especially from a woman in 2013.  Why bother spending time judging and categorizing people for lifestyle choices that do not have anything to do with you?  Every one's milestones are unique and what one person chooses are as unique as what one may consider a good meal.  How we define being Fed Well is up to us. 

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