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Friday, February 8, 2013

Le Cafe a Mon Emploi

French makes everything sound so fancy doesn't it?  The title of this blog is simply, "The Cafe at my Job," but the language certainly lends a bit of class to the potentially mundane.

Here comes the pun, Cinnamon Raisin French Toast at the Cafe.  French Toast, ha!  No, seriously, this was a special made to order 3 slice serving of raisin bread dipped in egg mix and thoroughly dusted with cinnamon.  I usually don't eat 3 slices of french toast, but, I have to admit I was able to finish this without incident.

Same day and I return for "Hello Deli."  Please don't groan, but that is what our cafeteria has nicknamed sandwich-made-to-order day.  One of my favorite aspects is the Ciabatta rolls!

Other choices include typical breads as well as New York style hard rolls from a local bakery.

In addition to traditional deli meats, a choice of chicken cutlets are available; grilled with red pepper flake or fried.  A selection of cheeses, lettuce, tomato and spreads are offered as well.

I love the crispy chicken on Ciabatta.  If a sandwich were named for me, this would be it!  In fact, the dill pickle spear, bag of classic chips, bottle of water and the sandwich should all be bundled together and sold as the Fed Well lunch special.  Or some other more magical name.  Of course it wouldn't be wrong to take it to the next level and add a slice or two of bacon!  Ah the plus side of the cafe at my job!

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