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Monday, February 18, 2013

Lunch at Hacienda de Don Manuel - Meet Some VIP's in my Life

Lunches with coworkers fall into three general categories: those we eat in our department's conference room and the food is either brought from home or purchased in our cafeteria, the Chinese restaurant or the Mexican restaurant.  Sometimes we break the rules and head to the diner or one of the pizza places.  Rarer still is fast food from either Wendy's or McDonald's. 

On a fairly sunny Friday afternoon, four of us walked to Hacienda de Don Manuel and my mouth was wishing for fresh and table side prepared guacamole.

We could be considered an eclectic blend of women.  One has been with the company for 25 years, one is a newlywed and looking at us I believe the range of ages may span about 30 years.  Our life experiences, backgrounds and interests are all over the map and that is partially what makes going out to lunch together so interesting and fun.

The newlywed will be celebrating the Chinese New Year this weekend with her inlaws.  They will be staying at her house, preparing and eating traditional foods and perhaps a shopping excursion or two.  She has a warm smile, easy laugh and sincerity that radiates from within.  For her, the Devil's Pork Chops.

My vegetarian friend also works a part-time job on Saturday and will look forward to a day of rest on Sunday.  She shares her home with a husband and three beloved kitties.  She is a woman with no time for BS, has a wicked sense of humor and outstanding with comedy movie quotes, is impatient with women who depend on men and if you are looking for an honest opinion, she will give it to you.  However, she will not intrude nor try to impose her thoughts on others unsolicited.  The quesadilias prima vera (or veggie quesadilias) are her request.

Going through some turbulent times, this woman also finds joy in volunteering, giving back, the beach, butterflies and her senior kitty.  She is compassionate and a true people person with a love of the shrimp quesadilias.

Me?  Well, I love food, my sons, the Mr. and my family.  I miss the beach terribly and was worried when my emotional yellow Lab, Maddy, recently had some stomach issues which seem to have passed.  I love to play loud music while I clean my house which sometimes turns into a full blown concert/dance event instead.  Today, soft steak tacos.

Life is a buffet - though sometimes we take what we want and sometimes we are served some "icky" things.  We need those VIP's to help get us through and keep us feeling Fed Well.

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  1. Is that place in Suffern? Think I've been there with my boy ... Yum!