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Monday, February 11, 2013

Personalized Pancakes

Sunday breakfast.  We alternate who prepares it, and whether it is a sweet or savory meal, but it is almost as big of a deal around here as Sunday dinner.  As it turns out, this week it was the priority over the evening meal since our sons had their own social agendas.  The ham will be a Monday night treat instead.

The table, though set with paper plates, seemed a bit fancy for our typically casual gathering. I believe it was the flowers that really made it special for me!

Though the pancakes are arranged on a plate in 3 distinct piles, two flavors were available; plain and chocolate chip.  Blueberry is on the menu when I buy the fruit and since I wanted something to jazz things up, I simply cut up half a banana and added it as a topping.

The Mr. does a lovely job with pancakes.  

How do you like yours?  With sausage?  Do you cook the sausage or banana in the pancake?  Flavored syrup?  Fruit only?  It was a lovely, simple meal and fabulous way to start the day feeling Fed Well.

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