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Friday, February 8, 2013

Suffern's Field House - Meatless Choices

Time to change up the lunch routine and instead of Mexican or Chinese, we opt for Suffern's Field House.  Very casual, order at the counter than wait at a table for your hot (or freshly prepared cold) food.  A big big screen television and a few others are always on with either sports, news or weather.  The day before Winter Storm Nemo and we were hearing a number of different reports regarding start time and snowfall amounts.

Do people bring their own checkers or chess pieces?  Wonder if you ask at the counter if they have loaners?

Though my friend NEVER makes a fuss about restaurants or fast food places having vegetarian offerings, I always notice what she orders.  Suffern's Field House has quite a few vegetarian friendly menu items as well as the ever popular and obvious pizza.  A mushroom panini served with a side of cole slaw is her choice.

My other friend and I enjoy both meat and non-meat options but it turned out today we all ordered vegetarian.  She had one of her favorites; an eggplant sandwich with mozzarella and of course, the side of cole slaw.

Sometimes a girl just has to have pizza.  One plain slice and one veggie.  Classic! 

Other than the storm, conversation actually included money.  Not ours of course, but other people's.  We guessed at some big boss salary amounts and wondered how they spend it.  Do they simply buy the same things we do but with a designer label?  Are they splurging and picking up the tab when out with friends?  Do they hide it under the mattress?  What would we do if we could double or triple our salaries?  Sort of like planing on what you would do if you won a lottery... I think I would simply ensure my family and I were Fed Well.

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