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Friday, March 29, 2013

Breakfast for Good Causes

Is any meal really safe from blogging?  Why would it be?

Breakfast with the lady friends...always fun.  Breakfast with the lady friends, the Mr. and one of the lady friend's man and to benefit the local volunteer fire department = win/win.  PLUS an opportunity to buy chances - Bonus!

All hands are on deck at this local fundraising event.  Volunteers prepare and serve the food and the Boy Scouts also join in and help clear and set tables.  Plenty of activity.

In the middle of it all we talk about one friend who will be beginning a new chapter. After 34 years of working in one place, she will be starting over and though it was not her idea, it will likely be an exciting and probably more lucrative venture.

The food is served family style and simply placed in the middle of our large round table.  We pass the plates to each other then condiments.  

Funny thing, we can even compare notes on local fire company pancake breakfasts.  While this particular fire house has a room dedicated to holding parties and events like this, I have to give my local fire company the edge for food and variety.  My fire company offers three types of pancakes; blueberry, plain and chocolate chip as well as made to order omelettes, and POTATOES although it is served buffet style.

I have to say, it's the feeling of being Fed Well in the company of good friends, not the location or even the actual food that matters most.  I realized after I posted a group picture of us on Facebook that a dear friend was left out who returned to the area last year after moving out of state for a few years.  Trust me, she will be first on the invite list for the next fun breakfast!  Thank you to all the volunteer fire department members, Ladies Auxiliaries and ambulance corps.  Cheers and hoping you find yourself Fed Well.

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