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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Bridal Shower Brunch at Bacari Grill

It has become quite difficult for me to be around food without my camera or at least my cell phone camera and constantly evaluating presentation, flavor, thoughts... While waiting for the bride to arrive, I took my camera on a buffet tour.  Those who know me, indulge and sometimes even encourage me and at this particular bridal shower, the staff seemed to understand and assisted me by either rearranging or even ducking under the bar while I took photographs.  I am addicted.

The Bacari Grill is located in Washington Township in New Jersey and though for me it was a bit of a ride, I enjoyed the restaurant's atmosphere, attentive employees and of course yes, the food.  

A number of cold cut platters were placed on risers of varying heights.

One of my favorite food combinations in the world is tomato with mozzarella.  I thoroughly looked forward to visiting this platter when it was time to make our plates.

I also simply love grilled vegetables.  The look, the feel, the smokiness and the thought that spring and summer will soon be here again.

 What would a brunch buffet be without a few standards like a cheese platter, crackers and fresh fruit?

The twist was the plain yogurt in martini glasses. 

Some were topped with fresh berries or granola or simply chocolate syrup (which is the one I took and piled with blueberries, blackberries and strawberries).

 Also on the buffet were assorted pastry and danish treats.

Buffet beverages included a choice of champagne, mimosa or Bellinis.  I do not have enough opportunities to sample a Bellini...

Hot food selections include savory potatoes with onion and pepper alongside waffles dusted with confectionery sugar.  In front of the waffles were bowls of berries.

Also in the hot food area were sausage, bacon, scrambled eggs and ANOTHER absolute favorite of mine - Eggs Benedict!

On my plate, the eggs were topped with sliced asparagus and sometimes a forkful of egg was also mixed with a piece of tomato and mozzarella.  OH MY!  

A pasta salad with chicken and broccoli was at the end of the hot food line.  Although it is not pictured, a turkey carving station was also a nice touch and the turkey itself was delicious.

The restaurant and bar area were well appointed and decorated.

The coat check was located in the above picture on the right hand side.  I also have to confess, I loved the closet style privacy within the Ladies Room.  Nice touch.  I may start including this in future restaurant reviews.

If this restaurant were located just a little closer to home I would certainly return and would love to sit in this area.

Overall, the Bacari Grill was a fabulous dining experience and the bridal shower was simply lovely.  I loved sitting with my nieces as well as a table of my sister-in-law's long time friends who had some fun stories to share.  A wonderful memory and a day of being Fed Well.

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  1. Ths for the great review!!!! Hope u enjoyed the Shower

  2. Last week, went to a Bridal Shower Brunch party of my friend’s sister at a local event venue Chicago. The best thing I found there was different type of cuisine which were very yummy. Enjoyed pasta salad with chicken and broccoli.