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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Do you Dress up for Family?

We dress up for work and special occasions, but most of us prefer I think to dress for comfort.  Is your dining room table your special occasion table?  Platters and serving dishes for holidays and family events only?  

For the most part I place the evening's offerings into serving bowls or onto plates.  It is actually more rare for me to leave a pot on the stove with a spoon in it and say, "help yourself."  Is it because of the way I grew up?  Is it habit now and just how I think dinner should be?

Recently I bought a simple, plain white rectangular serving platter and it has become my new favorite table accessory.  

One Sunday dinner was roast chicken with broccolini:

Another Sunday dinner was a pot roast with onions served with asparagus:

What's your system?  Do you serve from the stove?  Make plates?  Eat from a take out container or go out for diner?  How do you feel Fed Well?  For me, happiness was found with a reduced/discounted price $5.00 platter.

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