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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Mid Week Madness

Unpredictable Northeast weather predictions, a long day at work with an hour drive each way, an even longer day for the Mr. who had to work 16 hours yesterday then turn around this morning after a few hours rest and report in for another 8 (plus about 3 hours commuting).  No, this is not to feel bad for us, just to help explain how some recipes are born.

Sunday night's roast chicken leftovers
Sunday night's green beans
Sunday night's gravy
Fresh carrots & mushrooms
Served over.....yes, spaghetti
with Italian Bread

It used to make me a little crazy to hear Rachel Ray talk about "stoups" the combination of not quite a stew and not really a soup, but honestly, it is exactly what I have prepared for dinner.  Simple, warming, satisfying...we are happy, together and Fed Well.  Go ahead, bring on the snow!

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