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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Pepper Steak, Icy Sidewalks and Work

My older son and the Mr. may not work in the same exact field, but they do have overlapping experiences in the workplace.  I am often surprised when one tells a story from their day and the other can mirror the experience or has something to share in the same theme.

Today, one talked about an employee being written up for not completely clearing a sidewalk.  It was reported because someone fell and was hurt. 

The "come back" story was regarding a non-employee of sorts falling on an icy patch of sidewalk and then an attempt to sue.

I often have nothing to contribute during these conversations unless I would have known someone that had fallen on an icy sidewalk or brought a lawsuit against a business for alleged negligence.  Instead, I chewed my tender steak.

The simplest of recipes required the best ingredients.  I only used green bell peppers, some onion and a beautiful (on sale) sirloin cut of beef with a stir fry sauce for this pepper steak I served over white rice.

Sometimes after the simplest of meals, I wonder, how did I get here?  Yesterday I was a young bride then mother and now I am a parent of adults (well, at least one step in adulthood).  I feel Fed Well and hope they look back on the time when we all lived under one roof and also felt Fed Well.

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  1. You didn't use black pepper? And you right!
    Black pepper from supermarket is tasteless and flavorless. That's why, I only use aromatic pepper: pepper Kampot. It's very fragrant. I find back pleasure to pepper my steack! In India also there are lot of kind of aromatic pepper.