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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Vegetarians and Carnivores

I wonder if humans are the only vegetarians and carnivores that can share meal times together?  If you think about the dinosaurs, maybe if they could have learned to live side by side and respect each others eating habits they wouldn't be extinct.  Couldn't the carnivores have found something else to eat than their own species?  Does that also make them cannibals?  Too deep for a food blog?  Moving on....

When I have lunch with my good friend, "the vegetarian" (I try not to name names in my blog - but she is much more to me than a plant eater) I still carefully observe her choices and adaptations.  Fast food is fairly easy, she will order "cheeseburger with no meat" which always makes me laugh or salads.  Funny thing this time was we went to the drive through where a salad was ordered minus the chicken.  Good thing she checked before we pulled away as the chicken was included.  When she handed it back to the employee, the woman frowned as if she could not understand why someone would order such a thing then ask for it without the poultry.  The world is a big, wide place with varying dietary needs, thoughts, allergies, opinions....customizing is required.

For me, a favorite combo - chili with no cheese and french fries!  French Fries I say!!

Forks for french fry dipping or fingers?

For the Vegetarian, a picture perfect baked potato with butter and sour cream...

and the custom order salad.

Still looks quite fabulous even without the meat wouldn't you say?

Being able to order exactly what you need keeps many of us feeling Fed Well.  Talking about life with a friend while sharing a meal sustains the soul.

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