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Saturday, April 20, 2013

A Sweet Retreat Cafe in Pine Bush, NY

I have driven past A Sweet Retreat Cafe at least once a week since they opened last year and have been meaning to, wanting to go until finally I met a friend for lunch and now I am looking forward to my next visit!

The business is quite easy to locate and it was no problem to park nearby.  In fact, my friend parked directly in front of the building.

For those unfamiliar with Pine Bush, New York, it is known for people who have experienced UFO sightings.  This April 27 will mark the 3rd annual UFO Festival and Parade.  Some activities include a parade down Main Street and car show.  Many businesses have their windows painted with alien themes to honor the festivities.

What can make an alien seem any more friendly than holding a cupcake?

The Cafe is busy with only two available tables remaining, but we are lucky to have one by a window.  I want to look at everything, catch up with my friend and try to decide on my order all at the same time.  

I decided a few years ago that most restaurants have a signature dish, the one they are known for, proud of and feels best represents them and so I try to look for it or an appealing special.  The problem, all of the specials sounded fabulous - spinach tortellini soup, a selection of quiches, a salad with bacon wrapped asparagus or an open face chicken sandwich.

I decided on "Our Signature Sandwich."

Guests may decide on the bread, but I went with Gerri's recommendation of the ciabatta.  The creamy mozzarella is handmade by the owner's husband.  The pesto was light and flavorful and of course roasted red peppers were delicious, adding color and texture.

My friend ordered the special salad and I think I had to wipe a bit of drool away when I saw those bacon wrapped asparagus spears.  Yes, I can tell you she enjoyed them down to the last bite.

By the way, I eventually decided on the unsweetened black tea.  When I ate my entire sandwich (which I only intended to eat half off since I am nursing a cold),  I had been trying to nonchalantly take photos from my seat, but I can no longer sit still and want to look at everything - the walls, the dessert case, the little gift shop area and so I grab my cell phone and begin to click.

I wonder what influenced the use of some of the meaningful signs... were they purposefully selected with the Cafe in mind, were they gifts, a combination?

I confess, I never really had a sweet tooth until maybe the last five years or so.  Growing up I would always choose a salty snack over chocolate and even today it can sometimes be a coin toss.  But, if I want chocolate no substitutes can be made.

So many details, so many things to look at and admire.  Cute cafe chair cushions (say that a few times fast).

THE Dessert Case - please pause for a moment, take a breath and we will relive the journey together....

An oatmeal chocolate chip and chocolate confection - 

Cupcakes, of course.

Nothing goes better with a dessert in my world than a steaming hot cup of tea.  It is comforting to the soul, soothing, healing and just my favorite.

Every display is eye catching.  A simple rack of teacups has me mesmerized.

The gift shop area includes hand made soaps.

Our dessert is a special sampler.  I am lucky to have the oatmeal chocolate chip not a cookie, not a cupcake and it is delicious.  I appreciate the break from the lush chocolate with the soft oatmeal.

Tea was served in a layered pot.  The bottom layer is the over sized cup.

We talk about life, we smile and greet those we know from the area and spend a minute with one of the Town Police Officers who recognized my friend's car out front.  He wanted to know if one of us could cover a local event since we both write for the local weekly community newspaper.  Hard to believe it is 2013?  Well, small town life isn't all that bad.  Though some couldn't wait to leave when they graduated high school, we stayed, raised our children and are still in nearby towns eating a lovely lunch at A Sweet Retreat Cafe and feeling Fed Well.

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