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Monday, April 15, 2013

Chinese Food at Home + Art in Beacon = Colorful Date

Some weeks and weekends are simply jam packed with activities, places to go and people to see.  This past weekend was literally one thing after another with little room for down time.  Saturday was filled for me with two interviews, covering a local event and taking a quick photo to be included in a community news piece.  PLUS, I wanted to go to an art exhibit opening.  Take out is required for a bit of balance.

For me, the Shrimp Chop Suey is perfect.  I love the crisp veggies, a slightly garlic sauce and ordering dishes with shrimp has become a standard routine in Chinese fare for me.  I've never been a huge fan of fried rice, though this particular take out spot offers a flavorful variety of House Special fried rice which includes of course shrimp.

As readers know, for the Mr. it is all about chicken.  Tonight's choice is Sesame Chicken combination platter which includes fried rice and a crispy eggroll.  He is a happy man.

On to Dream in Plastic in Beacon, NY for Brain Bugs & Robot Hugs by Jessica Schrufer.  Here is a peek at her work:

I especially love her robots and when she creates pieces based on classic monsters like Frankenstein's bride.

A number of pieces were sold quite quickly including the one above.

I have commissioned this lovely young artist to create the Mr. and I as robots.  I adore the piece above and wonder how we will be represented?  How does she see us?  Can't wait.

Dream in Plastic is also going to be opening their own bakery.  As part of the art exhibit opening, a few sweet treats were offered to guests (fudge compliments of the artist, Jessica Schrufer).

When is Nutella ever wrong as an ingredient in confectionery perfection?

We shop the store and buy a few pairs of quirky socks for our sons and 2 nephews.  Of course a cheeseburger in profile is the perfect design for a pair of knee-high's - don't you agree?

Some other inventory that caught our eyes:

and a greeting card that seems to have been written by me:

The crowd ebbs and flows and before we know it, we are on the sidewalk and heading off to other galleries including Hudson Beach Glass and River Winds Gallery.  I have set the River Winds Gallery link to the work of photographer Linda Hubbard which I most admired.  Here is an example:

The Gallery was also celebrating an opening night and had a few nibbles for guests:

and while we did not sample the offerings, we noticed a few other visitors had wandered over from Dream in Plastic and were enjoying the cheese and crackers.

Street musicians play for an eclectic blend of passersby from young families to hipsters to those of us sliding into middle age (is that really who I am?).

For me, it was the perfect date night.  Good food, art, a bit of walking around, and we are together.  We are Fed Well.


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