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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Easter 2013

While it may be a fairly sure bet that many household celebrate Thanksgiving with turkey, all bets are off when it comes to the other holidays.  America, celebrated for our differences, enjoys a variety of menus on special occasions.  However, as readers may know, my family loves a good tradition and Easter breakfast/brunch is no exception.  A few dishes or a new cocktail may be swapped in or out, but the core is always something to count on.  This year, in addition to the traditional Mimosa, pineapple juice was offered as well.  I loved it.

Something so appealing about a pretty drink...

Colored hard boiled eggs are a requirement.  Love the personal touch that can be added with writing a name in crayon or a drawing or sticker.  The cute bunny holder was new to the table last year.

Ah, Easter Bread.  No respectable Easter can occur without it.  (See previous post for "how-to")

Kielbasa.  Maybe not something found on many tables on Easter morning, but I don't ever remember an Easter without it.  My mom always has Hillshire Farm.  A few years I also brought kielbasa from a Polish deli and this year my brother-in-law brought some from a German store.  Mom prefers the Hillshire.

Ham.  Perhaps the more widely recognized part of the menu.  While some have a preference for spiral or honey or fresh, it really doesn't matter that much to me.  Ham = yummy holiday.

We ALWAYS have pierogies.  Mrs. T.  Always potato and cheese.  ALWAYS.  Ok, well, except the year I made potato pancakes and maybe one other time, but otherwise, ALWAYS.  This year, my brother-in-law also brought sauerkraut with mushroom filled and potato and cheese (I think they were from the same place as the kielbasa, but I'm not positive).  I am not a fan of cabbage in any form except cole slaw, but the pierogies were a hit.

Older son's girlfriend (I don't use names to protect my friends and family) made these cute and tasty cupcakes.  

And, from Jones Farm, we enjoyed a heavenly carrot cake as well as this "better than vacation" key lime pie.

Many years we have played kickball or flew kites.  This year after the plastic egg hunt it was a bit of batting practice with a softball that eventually exploded.  Fun times.  Family together.  Fed Well.

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