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Friday, April 5, 2013

Jade in Suffern - Geometry and Black Ties

I've watched Restaurant Impossible in the past and have always felt a little sorry for both the designers and the owners.  Decor is difficult and personal taste can arguably vary wider than what we agree is palette pleasing.

The Chinese restaurant I go to during the work week went through a major renovation within the last 18 months.  A week or so ago I went with a friend and the smiling ladies who always greet and seat us were missing.  

"Maybe it is their day off?  We always come in on a Friday..."

But, no.  The men on staff were dressed completely in black including black ties.  We were given huge, bulky menus and had a wonderful meal but knew something had happened.

We returned this week and found a few more small changes also took place in the dining room.  Circles.

A circle mirror mounted fairly high on the wall.

A lovely pink fish surrounded by whimsical circles...

The table setting never before included chop sticks.  Diners had to ask for the disposable utensil.

A small amount of of the ladies, dressed all in black complete with necktie, was our server.  I did not open my menu as I have my favorite appetizer, the scallion pancake and a favorite lunch special (one of the most important reasons I go to Jade for lunch) - shrimp with rice noodles. 

Guess what I was told?

"We no longer have the shrimp with rice noodles for lunch."

Um, excuse me?

I am broken hearted and panic stricken.  I believe it showed on my face.  This lovely lady who always brought me a spoon and extra napkin without my having to ask for it was now asking for a culinary divorce.  After all we've been through together.

Well, the scallion pancake arrives and I am quiet.  It is crisp and delicate as always though plated on a half round dish.  Plates are no longer circles you know.
My friend switches things up by ordering vegetable lo mein instead of General Tao's Tofu.  Square plates.

I am happy to say, my friend in the business was able to ask for my order and it was fabulous.  Also served on a square plate. She laughed when she saw me make sure all the shrimp were on top for their close up.

It's nice to see no matter how many changes are made to the interior of Jade, this lovely lady and the food remain and leave me feeling Fed Well.

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