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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Pasta Cucina in Suffern, NY

Comfort foods.  We all have those certain dishes that are comforting and feel good.  For me, they mostly involve carbs and specifically pasta.  On a random work day I ask my friend if we should go out for pasta. Of course!  I have been to Pasta Cucina only a few times so I was not sure if the sign advertising new management was a good or a bad thing...

The Foyer
As a diner or patron, I am easily visually amused and will appropriately ooh and ahh over displays.  The irony is my home is fairly sleek and sparse with minimal fussiness.  I want to be clear, I do not enjoy clutter or groupings of knick knacks just for the sake of having something in a space, but a few items to show a bit of personality are always fun.

Could be potential table centerpieces - cute idea.

The dining area is fairly large and we are one of only two tables seated at noon.  Perhaps lunch starts later or we really are that unusual to be craving pasta for our mid-day meal on a work day?

The menu is fairly extensive and we are also given a special menu.  Even the most discriminating pasta lover should be able to find something as well as those who do not want the luscious carb (who can that be?).

The Dining Room

It is likely fairly obvious to the staff that the two of us are on a lunch hour and we promptly order drinks and meals at one time.  Warm, toasty, crusty bread is cradled in cloth napkin hug and served with seasoned olive oil.

Yes, carbs to begin the carb fest.  EXACTLY what I want for lunch today!

I did not think or realize we would be served a house salad.  The ingredients were fresh, clean, crisp and flavorful.  Had I known, I would have asked for no dressing.  The salad was coated quite well.

For me, the eggplant ravioli in pink sauce.  The pasta was tender without being limp and the meal was filling for even the heartiest of appetites.  The pink sauce was creamy, thick and the flavor of parmesan unmistakable.

Penne a la vodka was the choice for my friend.  If the dish was weighed, I would venture to guess the pasta content was very close to one pound.  While I finished my ravioli, she had to take a portion of her serving home.

While the price may seem hefty for lunch, we were out of the office on a beautiful sunny day and conquered a craving.  It would be a bit impractical and indulgent to eat this way daily, both waistline and wallet would suffer, but as an occasional treat, I felt Fed Well at Pasta Cucina.

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