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Monday, April 15, 2013

Spinach Stuffed Shells

At times a family meal in the middle of the week is a struggle.  Whether I have forgotten to plan ahead, defrost protein, think of a menu, or am simply too tired, it still generally falls to me to provide a yummy dinner.  Yes, yummy.

I love pasta.  Love it.  I could eat a different pasta dish most nights of the week.  My family does not share my enthusiasm and mostly simply tolerates pasta once in awhile and usually at least one member will sigh.  I ignore it.

A few exceptions are baked ziti or if pasta plays a small supporting role.  Since baked ziti is acceptable, I decided to try sneaking in stuffed shells.  The catch?  The shells in the pan to the farthest right are also stuffed with spinach.  Popeye approved!

While I understand many would prefer the shells be saturated with sauce, I offer additional sauce on the side.  I like my cheese on the white string side rather than broiled brown.

The skeptics were pleased.  My older son, the Paleo diet fan, would normally walk away from this meal, but admitted to having 6 cheesy shells.  My younger son, who limits lactose, watched as I mixed the ricotta, mozzarella with fresh parsley and chopped garlic in a large bowl before spooning it into the shells and he was happy with the results.  The Mr. was quietly happy.  The meal was served with crusty yet squishy Italian bread with soft butter.  We are Fed Well with pasta!

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