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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Spring Sprung at the Diner

My coworkers and I have limited culinary adventures during the week; bring in food, cafeteria, Chinese or Mexican restaurants and a classic diner.  The diner of course offers the widest selection and the most colorful people watching.  They also decorate seasonally and are in the middle of a strong spring celebration.

While I am not really much for holiday decorating myself, I appreciate the time and effort others take when creating displays.  In fact, my home is only really ever trimmed at Christmas time and  each year the look is more and more streamlined.  

I can't imagine what it is like for those parts of the country who do not embrace the diner.  The north east is flooded with diners and I love them for the size of the menu, the reasonable price and the choice to have anything at anytime of day or night.  Lists of specials often rival a traditional restaurants daily offerings.

For my boss, a turkey avocado wrap. I have enjoyed this dish a few times myself.  The avocado creaminess and richness plays nicely with the turkey.

What looks like a classic cheeseburger is in fact a classic cheesy deluxe veggie burger.  

Spring holidays include Easter and Passover and so chocolate covered Matzo is available at the counter when you pay your bill.  I appreciate the thoughtfulness but pass on the sample.

One of the tricks to eating with coworkers and your boss is to keep the conversation away from work related topics.  We instead discuss celebrities, movies, food, weekend plans, vacation plans and whatever issue is foremost on our minds.  Some of our coworkers consistently eat at their desks - working or just surfing the internet, but I always enjoy the days we get out and I return to my work feeling Fed Well.  

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