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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Sunday Night Round Up

It has come down to that one night a week when our family of four plus our older son's girlfriend (who is quickly becoming family) can gather for a meal together.  Yes, it happens to be Sunday.  Better for the cook - I can plan a little bit and have a bit of room before everything has to be on the table at the same time and temperature.

To begin, I season 5 chicken breasts with bones and skin. Yes, quite old school.  Salt, pepper, rosemary, thyme into a preheated 375 degree oven.  Walk away from it.

Corn on the cob.  Funny, since they had braces my sons always run a knife down the cob and make a pile of corn on their plate anyway but I can't stand the frozen or canned versions.  It was mere minutes in a stainless steel mixing bowl with a pot lid that perfectly matches so the ears stay steamy and toasty hot.

By request from my older son, a cucumber salad.  For us it means making fancy peel marks (skipping space in between) the cucumber then slicing almost paper thin.  I take the time to assemble the ingredients in a large mixing bowl and giving myself room to stir.  A pinch of salt, pepper and dill, and a conservative spoon of mayonnaise.  I know many are tempted to splash vinegar, but I do not.  Combine and transfer to a serving bowl.

Younger son loves bruschetta!  Loves it!  I diced four tomatoes, a fist full of parsley, a few garlic cloves, salt and pepper.  That's it.  Served with broiled Italian bread slices.

No fresh fruit in the house today, but a can of sliced pineapple rings were a nice sweet finish.

We talked about, scalloped potatoes among other things.  Do you make them?  How? 

Fed Well and together on a Sunday night.  What more could you ask for in life?

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