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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Use up the Veggies Pasta

It all comes down to using what you like when preparing a meal - the same as clothes shopping and house decorating.  Forcing something simply won't work because it won't be used, worn or eaten.  Given in to trends or adding exotics can backfire as well.  I try to accommodate the tastes of the four palettes that live here, but sometimes, I just give in to what I like when preparing dinner.  I have learned that they will like it or leave it.  Unfortunately, sometimes I buy things, like eggplant and then I think because I know the others do not like it I let it sit until it is almost too late.  In this case, I performed the eggplant rescue just in time on a weeknight when I barely felt like cooking.

I cubed the eggplant with skins on and sauteed in a splash of olive oil.

Some garlic, salt and pepper.  This cook's little black dress.

Then wilt in the spinach that can also turn quicker than used if I am not careful.  Spinach can be a classic cardigan - always in style.  When my sons were young and curious about what they were eating, I made a spinach and rice soup but told them the greens were "soup vegetable" to prevent them from forming a bias.  

I dice a tomato that I add after the mixture is removed from the heat.

Drain the pasta and stir everything together with another drizzle of olive oil.  Looking back, I could have added some onion and a splash of balsamic.  However, it was still fabulous.

I was the only one who ate this amazing dish.  I brought left-overs to work the next day for lunch.  The Mr. had the same pasta for dinner but with jarred sauce.  I certainly feel mine was the better choice.  Sometimes even foodies make mistakes, in the same way celebrities are shown in magazines with the caption, "What was she thinking?" or innocent pedestrians with a black rectangular bar over their eyes while wearing an outrageous garment.  Sometimes we are simply Fed Well.

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