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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Wedding Dinner at the Estate at Florentine Gardens

A wedding ceremony with a personal touch; references to the bride and groom as people, a pinch of caring, a scoop of thoughtful and a dash of humor.  The officiant made the I Do's quite memorable.  Next a lavish and flavorful cocktail hour.  What else can possibly be on the menu?

The ballroom was bathed in lavender light, the chandeliers sparkled and tea lights glowed in cherry tree limb branches as centerpieces.  Candles flickered on the fireplace mantle and in the windows.  The trees twinkled outside and an enchanted evening began for all.

Ambiance.  Atmosphere.  The Estate at Florentine Gardens made sure it was provided.

How lovely and welcoming the bride and groom's table was with chilled champagne ready just for them.

Yes, I saw more than one guest touch the centerpiece to decide if it was real.  Was I among them?

At one point in the evening, the photographer did ask the newlyweds to pose for a few romantic shots in the evening light of the courtyard.  I have seen a few of the photos and yes, they are gorgeous.

The evening's menu waited on the charger plates for the guests to decide on their entree.  Choices included:  Chateaubriand of Beef with wild mushroom red wine demi glace or chicken breast including spinach, fontina cheese with a black truffle and a red wine demi or mahi mahi with pineapple relish and coconut cream - all were served with marinated grilled asparagus spears, and roasted shallot and garlic whipped potatoes.

To start, everyone received a dish with lobster ravioli bathed in a pool of yellow tomato and lobster sauce over sauteed spinach.

I - ate - every - bite.  It did not matter in the least that I was full to my chin from a decadent cocktail hour.  I found the space.

Dinner for most of us at my table was the Chateaubriand.  The culinary lessons continued as my son asked what the purple cabbage (Raddichio - not cabbage, but learning about food) was doing on the plate.  A pop of color.  Plates are designed like rooms to feature textures for mouth feel, colors for the eye, aroma (from the Rosemary) and this one was difficult to find fault.  When the server took my order, I did specify medium-rare and yes, I was quite pleased with the result.

In addition to a trendy and beautiful ombre tiered cake, guests were offered creme brulee or Oreo cheesecake.

Though the food has long since been cleared and the tastes have faded, the memory of a fairy tale wedding remain.  Guests, family and friends have all been Fed Well.

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