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Friday, May 17, 2013

Eat Your Left Overs!

If I have enough left over anything that I plan on recreating or repurposing, I have learned it must be done immediately.  Otherwise it will either turn into a mystery substance in the refrigerator or it will be claimed by one person as a quick snack.

I prefer to use little bits of left-overs into one meal and so many items end up in stews or soups for winter, but during the warmer months that somehow seems inappropriate.

Cinco de Mayo fish tacos are turned into a pasta dish.  What?  Yes.

After all, what doesn't go with pasta?

Sliced black olives, chopped tomatoes, shrimp, cod are all mixed with thin spaghetti.  The fish is gently heated, but all other ingredients are tossed in with the hot pasta.  My serving uses just a spoonful of marinara with the fish juices.  The Mr. uses a heavier dose of marinara.  The salt, the carbs, perfection.

I truly despise wasting food so to be able to use up left-overs from one meal and turn them into something else (that is finished) is quite satisfying.  

It also turned into a bit of a date night at home for the Mr. and I.  We are in an in-between land of full house or empty nest nights.  Content and Fed Well.

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