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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Food at Work

A 6 hour meeting.  6 hours!  Ugh.

"We'll have food," my boss said.

Ok. Fine.

"But lunch is on your own."

Ok.  Fine.  Maybe even better?

We start the day with one of our favorites - bagels from Bagel Train with flavored cream cheeses.  I love a salt bagel with veggie cream cheese!

Mid-morning munchies?  Cheese platters with crackers...

Or a fruit platter.

Mix them together - what, no wine?

For the afternoon, bowls upon bowls of mixed candy.  Planned sugar rush?

I still don't really want to participate in any 6 hour meetings, but the snacks did take the edge off.  Not sure if I felt especially Fed Well, but at least it made the day a little less painful.

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