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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Mexican Chunky Soup - Raising Charming Princes

For almost a year I have been working on writing a story about Cinderella and Prince Charming in modern times and situations.  I bring it up sometimes at lunch and so a recent outing to Hacienda de Don Manuel in Suffern seemed like another perfect opportunity to ask a male co-worker's point of view.  My female friend/coworker and I sit across the booth from him and the theories just fly.  We are not concerned about the other two large groups of coworkers also in the restaurant other than to wave hello and goodbye.

My question was, "Do you think your parents raised you to be Prince Charming?"

Some may have thought this question odd, but he has been in on previous discussions about this topic and did not skip a beat when he answered, "No," and gave his explanation about why.

Funny thing is, I had a huge epiphany and can't wait to get back to writing the book!  How valuable the conversation is or can be when shared over a meal.

By the way, here is a peek at what we ate this time.

Chicken Soup for Senor Co-Worker

I'm still not sure how I feel about the large chunks of vegetables including half an ear of corn on the cob being in the soup.  Your thoughts?

Beef Burritos for me

This was one of my first loves at the Mexican restaurant and is still a go-to when I'm not sure what I want.  A familiar taste that never disappoints.  The beef is soft and seemingly fork pulled, and I always only eat one and bring the rest of the meal home.  I indulge in a sizable amount of freshly made to order guacamole and chips.

The Shrimp Salad for my friend
My vegetarian friend does on occasion eat fish - I believe this is a pescetarian.  Anyway, she enjoyed the salad in taco shell with a generous helping of shrimp.  Looks like something I may try in the future.

Fairy tales from childhood - do they skew our views for adulthood?  Do young girls truly expect to grow up and marring a charming prince?  Or do those feel good stories fall to the way side like Santa Claus and unicorns?  Why in turn then does each generation give the next a similar experience if it is unpleasant or undesirable?  The only children I knew who did not celebrate Christmas were those who had different religious beliefs.  I can't remember anyone who didn't know the story of Cinderella... Fed Well and ready to get back to the keyboard.

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