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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Scallops and Chorizzo

It is the season to dine outside - al fresco if you will.  It is also a time when menus lighten up a bit and we crave those lighter foods rather than the heavy plates of winter. 

However, nothing beats a throw it all in one pot dinner for convenience sake.  On those nights when I am not sure what to make, I love to combine a number of things I just love and call it dinner.  Many aspects of this drive the Mr. crazy - as readers may remember, he prefers to a eat a dish with a name, sometimes asks where I got the recipe (that question usually means he is not crazy about it) and while he'd like to think otherwise, he is a moderately picky eater who could eat chicken 5 or more times per week.

Here's what I had in the house:
A bag of frozen bay scallops
One link of chorizzo
Fresh spinach
One can cannellini beans
Green bell pepper
Chicken broth

Possible Variations/Additions 
White wine
Chopped tomatoes
Brown rice

To begin, I cut everything to approximately the same size.  I use my favorite red dutch oven on the stove, heat a bit of olive oil and first soften the peppers and onions.  I season along the entire journey with salt and pepper.  Next, I add the scallops.

I may not know all the secrets to perfectly seared scallops...I continually strain and reserve the juice they leave behind until I can get a bit of a hard edge on them.  

Next, I add the diced chorizzo.  Any sausage, kielbasi or meat in that family would work.

Lastly, I mix in the drained beans and some freshly chopped garlic.  Once all are warm and cozy, they are coated with a spoonful of flour to thicken the sauce.  After the flour is lightly brown, I add the chicken broth until I think enough sauce has been made.

I line my bowl with the fresh spinach so the hot meal will wilt it slightly.  The Mr. has different thoughts:  he prefers a plate, rice on the side (he almost always coats it in Soy Sauce - he can't be stopped) and NO spinach.

Here is my interpretation:

We had a lovely dinner on the back deck.  It was a lovely surf and turf - we talked, ate and ended feeling Fed Well.

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