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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

ll Villaggio Pizza

Work day lunch.  Sometimes it is the highlight of my work day.  The choice is always easier when you have a craving and every once in awhile the brain simply screams out, "pizza!"  Whenever the brain screams out a food request it simply must be answered.

Suffern, New York and the immediate surrounding towns boast a number of pizzeria choices and I've visited no less than 6. By category the selection includes; flat/thin crust, most traditional New York style, widest variety of toppings, quickest delivery and vast selection of other lunch choices.  

We have used Il Villaggio quite frequently for their take out and so a mid-day field trip is not out of the question.

My friend and I look over the selection in the case and our decisions are quick.  For me, one Nona slice which includes a number of vegetables and a plain slice and for my coworker, also the Nona as well as an eggplant slice

Here they are:

We were served fairly quickly, the food was hot, the cheese had a nice stretch - what more could one ask for?  

Our view:

Beverages can be selected from the coolers and I tried something new!  I prefer to drink bottled water except when I am in a restaurant that may provide tap - in which case I order either unsweetened iced tea or a plain old cola.  

An iced cold iced tea for the pizza adventure
and guess what it tasted like?  Yes - tea!  I was so happy!

The bill for each of us was just over $8.00.  Is that a lot, average or fair for 2 slices and a drink in Rockland County, NY?  The break from a hectic Friday work day left us feeling Fed Well.

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