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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Pine Bush Chinese Restaurant - Welcome to the Mr.'s Mother

My Mr.'s mother is 83 and preparing to move. Moving is among the top 5 stressful life situations to experience and I can't imagine having 83 years of life experience makes it much easier.  She is currently in an adult complex that has added residents eligible for Section 8 funded housing and so a mixed element of lifestyles have moved in to her building.  In response, she will be moving to a less expensive complex with a stricter admission policy.  To be direct, her neighbors will likely be women just like her (we didn't see any gentlemen on our first visit but I assume one or two must be mixed in).

After touring her new place, she put her hands on hips and said,  "Well, I'm hungry. How about pizza?"  I counter offered, "Chinese food?" We agreed and were off to the Pine Bush Chinese Restaurant. I've been there many times and have never had a bad experience.

Our niece also joined us and ordered the green beans with rice.

Quite a generous portion of crispy and flavorful beans.

Next up, I ordered the shrimp chop suey and for the Mr.'s mother, the pork chop suey. Served in the footed silver dishes I remember since childhood when visiting a Chinese restaurant.

The Mr. mixes things up by ordering the Golden Steak.  He is concerned, but willing.  The dish arrives separately and the waiter pours all ingredients into the hot platter to create an attention getting sizzle.

We offer, share and taste each other's dishes.  The steak was soft, tender and flavorful. The snap and flavor of the beans are worth keeping as a culinary memory. Both chop suey dishes were loaded with a variety of vegetables and generous portions of shrimp or roast pork.  Everyone has food to take home.

However, I ALWAYS save room for dessert. I have heard rumors of the yet to be medically explained second or dessert stomach and mine certainly does exist.

The pistachio is exactly what I had in mind.  Bits of nuts are balanced throughout the cold and creamy ending to a wonderful meal.

The vanilla was also said to be delicious.

Something about Chinese food and the memories of Chinese restaurants - from being a young girl, going with my family to a restaurant in Pennsylvania (where the Mr. proposed many years later) and remembering ordering from Column A and Column B, to the House of Yuen in nearby Middletown where the Mr. and I dined almost weekly or the buffet style Chinese restaurant in the old Orange Plaza and more recently to the take out from Dragon City in Bloomingburg... no matter where we are in life, at some point we look forward to the comfort and reliability of Chinese food.

Here is my made up fortune for the day, "Those who share Chinese Food will indeed be Fed Well."

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