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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Plaka Greek Taverna in Suffern, NY

With the recommendation of co-workers, a friend and I decided to try "the Greek place" in Suffern for lunch.  Plaka Greek Taverna is located at 114 Orange Avenue and is not hidden in any way.  The temperature at lunch time was around the low 90 degree mark, but having the option for cafe seating is nice.

Blue.  Blue and white.  In case you are unfamiliar with the colors of Greece (as I was) they are definitely blue and white.  The chairs are green perhaps because the previous owners (Moroney's) were Irish.  Heritage pride is quite powerful.

The wall murals also remind diners they are indeed in a Greek restaurant.  I love it!  The Greek music plays and I am waiting for the father from, "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" to come out of the kitchen and offer me a bottle of Windex or at least explain that all food has a Greek origin.

The cobalt bottles of water on each table... you guessed it,"Imported from Greece."

We are given two menus - the full menu and the lunch menu.  We both order from the lunch menu and are brought the cutest bread/pita basket with olives.  I am addicted to salt and have often thought a salt lick could be installed in the office so I am quite pleased with the olives - especially the green!

My friend orders the lentil soup and is at first suspicious about the content of meat (she is a vegetarian) but does not think any meat was an ingredient.  She loves it and so I ask how it compares to another area made lentil soup and it is given a "better" rating so truly, the lentil soup is something to try.

I asked our server when I was ordering which soup she would prefer and went with her suggestion of "Avgolemono" or chicken lemon soup.  Our employee cafeteria has offered it's own version, but I realize trying the real thing is better.  I loved it.  I especially think it would be just the answer when suffering with a cold.  I was surprised how much I could even enjoy a bowl of soup while a New York heatwave was melting everything outside.

Main courses.  For my friend, the falafel with lemon potatoes. 

My lunch is the roasted vegetable pita with fries.
Happiness on a plate.  The tzatziki is fabulous and we ask for more on the side for dipping.  I slather it on my crispy fries and eat long after I am full simply because it is delicious.

We pay our bills (this was the longest part of our lunch and a bit surprising since the restaurant was not crowded) and are brought out a complimentary cookie.  Yes, a complimentary cookie!

We are adding a new restaurant to our lunch rotation and will be back to the Plaka Greek Taverna.  We were Fed Well and really all we are saying is give Greek a chance.

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  1. Sounds like a great restaurant! I wish I lived in Suffern, New York!