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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Stony Brae Revisited: Dining Alfresco

I have been to Stony Brae in Cragsmoor a number of times now but had yet to eat outside on their slate patio in the back.  It's been on my "to do" list and is now crossed off.

The goals for a summer weekend should be few and simple.  Mine was something like this:

1.  Enjoy a Cosmopolitan outside
2.  Enjoy a meal outside

A hot Saturday after helping the Mr.'s Mom get settled into her new home seemed like the perfect time to cross items off of a brief to do list and Stony Brae seemed the perfect choice. The Mr. and I were joined by our younger son.

We are asked if we would prefer indoor or outdoor seating and I skip to number two on the checklist.  Alfresco is my goal. The entire area was shaded thanks to the building but the umbrellas did add a certain something to the atmosphere.

To start, I order a Cosmopolitan.  The restaurant offers a twist with a nod to the area in a Cragmoorpolitan featuring a blueberry accent since the area was once a popular blueberry picking destination.

We ordered from both the special and regular menu.  To begin, we were brought out carving boards with a crusty roll that maybe could be called a pop-over shape and butter. It truly is about the simple things sometimes when it comes to food. Fresh bread and creamy butter.  

Next, we shared the clam appetizer.  The spicy sauce had a bit of zip which we loved and ate fairly quickly.

Soups.  Yes, soup in summer. Two orders of the french onion for the men:

I take a sample taste and remember they use something different in their broth - a wine/alcohol/can't quite put my finger on it.

For me, the potato and mushroom soup with truffle oil.  Lovely. The potatoes are pureed and it really doesn't feel heavy or too much.

Time for main courses.

The Caesar Salad with Shrimp for our son.

Though I am not a fan of Parmesan, he enjoys the toile (cracker).

For the Mr. a grilled chicken breast sandwich with avocado and bacon as well as a spicy mayonnaise. No one should be surprised that he selected poultry. The fries were dusted in sea salt, crisp and simply amazing.

Home made pasta.  I didn't have to read another word. Home made pasta with a variety of mushrooms, red peppers in a creamy tarragon sauce and topped with micro-greens. Happy mouth and soul.

I purposely leave half of my entree because I am determined to enjoy a dessert as well. The chocolate flourless cake is dense, with a heavy chocolate flavor served in a pool of creamy goodness dotted with a mocha flavored sauce.

Mission accomplished.

We enjoyed our dining alfresco experience and will return to Stony Brae.  With a small stretch of the imagination it felt a little bit like being on vacation.  The atmosphere, the pace, feeling relaxed and Fed Well were all worth every penny.

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  1. Thank You Sharon for your lovely comments about our restaurant and exquisite pictures. We truly appreciate the time you took to let others know about your experience at Stony Brae! We look forward to seeing you in the future and we thank you for your patronage!
    Dana Garofalini