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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Is it about Seafood or Barbecue?

When renting a vacation house for the week, part of the attraction is to have our own kitchen and offset food costs by preparing some meals at home (mostly breakfast and lunch as well as heavy snacking).  Vacation spent in Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina means of course a few trips to the beach.  The beach inherently means seafood. Doesn't it?  Well, no. My mother does NOT eat anything that was raised in water. Ever. Also, we are in the culinary south, aren't we?  Regardless, someone spotted Pigman's Bar-B-Que and it was put on our to-do list.

I thought it had a fairly good chance of pleasing everyone in the group.  As you may have noticed on the first night, pulled pork was ordered by 1/3 of us.  We then had dinner in one night and were ready to try Pigman's.

The atmosphere was a bit more chaotic, and the dining was far more casual.  Orders are placed at the cash register, the meal is paid for and then a server brings trays to the table.  We had a bit of confusion - one order was forgotten and one wasn't sure they received the right order.  However, this is what it looked like:

Beef with hush puppies, sweet potato fries and cole slaw.

A trio of sides

The ribs!

I had the beef which was soft and tender as well as flavorful.  The smoke was in the background rather than the first recognizable flavor which is exactly how I prefer it. The sweet potato fries were crisp and the cole slaw was flawlessly prepared. I sampled a bit of the ribs and the meat easily yielded and could be pulled or broken apart with fingers or fork.  Although this experience was not entirely crowd pleasing, the majority enjoyed themselves.

A quick tour through the crowded retail area also resulted in our purchase of 2 souvenir t-shirts.  One with a nod to Mr. Marley included an illustration of a pig's face with the caption, "We be hammin..."  Fun.  Vacation.  Fed Well.

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