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Friday, July 26, 2013

Perkins in Virginia - On the Way to an Outerbanks Vacation

Vacation.  For us in 2013 the definition involved 6 adults, one 6 year old yellow lab female, one pick up truck, one car and many hours on the road.  We began on a Friday afternoon and stayed overnight in Virginia on our way to North Carolina.  The theory was that half the miles or more would be behind us so on Saturday we would be able to kick off our week with some immediate beach time.

We found a motel that accepted our canine family member, Maddy, had a reasonable rate and was modern and mostly clean.  (It was a motel after all - nothing is perfect)  We started our day with a meal in the motel's Perkins.  Maddy was able to rest comfortably in our room since we planned to check out after breakfast. Here are our orders.

A country omelet 

French Toast with bacon

Poached eggs with potatoes

The photos above and below were part of one meal.  A pepper and onion omelet with pancakes.

 Two eggs over easy with pigs in a blanket and hash browns.

Steak and eggs

Classic choices, right?  Everyone was happy and filled with anticipation.  What activities will we be able to accomplish?  We talked about what we hoped to see and do;  para-sailing, tea with the queen at an Elizabethan Garden, and of course simply planting ourselves at the beach.  I hoped the rental house was as good as it looked online and said a silent prayer to the vacation God(s) to allow everything to go smoothly and for everyone to have a good time.  Future posts will reveal how it all played out.

On a Saturday morning in July, one group of vacationers was happy to start their vacation feeling Fed Well.

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