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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Relish - Inside Revel in Atlantic City, NJ

A gray rainy day near the Jersey Shore is perfect for a day trip to Atlantic City!  I can't help it.  Every time I plan on a casino visit, I have a fast fantasy of winning big, hearing the ringing bells and whistles as jacketed employees circle and swarm.  I also plan on the size of donation I am willing to make before I woke away from the games! Usually, I simply make a donation.  

For today's strategy we decide to eat lunch first.  We are visiting the Revel for the first time and after reading Relish's menu we feel it suits our tastes.  Click here for Relish's website.

Once seated I take in the decor and am amused by the silverware lined overhead light fixtures.  I am a sucker for whimsy.

I also enjoy when the style of things is slightly off beat or unusual. The shape of the soda glasses for example. They are cut and angled, contemporary and practical.

To start, a cup of the New England Clam Chowder.  I tease the Mr. for ordering chicken at almost every opportunity, but I have my repeat orders as well.  This one was a winner. The stock was the right thickness without feeling gloppy, the ingredients were the right size, texture and flavor. Rich, creamy and hot. A good start.

A table with a family of four is seated right next to us.  The server brings out a few dishes of the potato gnocchi with sausage which is what I ordered. However, the guests he is trying to serve have ordered their version meatless as they are vegetarian. I volunteer that I ordered the same dish with meat and am given one of the plates. The photo does not do the serving size any justice. Once I turned the ingredients a few times, the gnocchi filled the surface and many slices of sausage were buried underneath.  

I thought maybe it would be a problem accepting the early plate since the Mr.'s had not yet been placed on the warming counter. (We had a perfect view of the kitchen plating/staging area so we could keep on eye on things.)  The Mr. assured me to go ahead and start since "You take longer than I do."

It was more than a minute or two until he was served his chicken pot pie in an oversized bowl.

A healthy serving size to be sure. The bowl was first coated with mashed potatoes, then topped with the stew ingredients and finally the individual pastry square. Yes, one little problem. The dish looked picture perfect, but had an indescribably wrong taste swimming in the stock. I could not identify it, but did agree it was slightly off.

The time had come, the meal was done and we headed out to the gaming area. Part of the appeal of this new casino is the ability to gamble with a view of the Atlantic. The sitting areas, shops and decor were all quite updated and lux in appearance. The gaming noise, bells and whistles were trilling and calling out. I used my brand new casino card in the machine and so it began. Did I win? Well, in less time than it took for us to sit, order and enjoy our meal, we clasped hands and headed outside for the boardwalk. We were Fed Well and I had left before making my entire allotted donation amount. We will return.

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