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Saturday, September 7, 2013

RiverWatch - Brick, NJ

The Mr. and I decide on a quick camping adventure just before the long Labor Day weekend.  I avoid crowds and traffic at all costs and so we leave the Wednesday afternoon before the holiday and plan to return on Saturday.  The weather was immediately disappointing and uncooperative - rain with a touch of thunder and lightening.  Traffic was also less than ideal once we were an hour or so on the New Jersey Turnpike.  Stop.  Go.  Stop.  Go.  Truck accident behind us.  Ugh.

By the way, the definition of camping adventure is taking our big black truck with the 30' trailer which will be hooked up to electric and running water, has air conditioning and the only thing missing is a cleaning service compared to a cheap hotel.  Let's not try to imagine any nights sleeping on the ground with bugs buzzing and wildlife scampering around on the other side of a canvas wall.  This was more about time away from schedules, responsibilities and anything really related to the real world.

The campground itself offered lots for both trailers and tents as well as cabins.  Trees are everywhere which may be appealing for the rustic feel, but for the Mr. they were quite a handicap when it came to backing into our site.  A few stressful minutes later the hookups were done and we spent just a few quick minutes primping before heading out to dinner.  We had asked in the camp office for a few recommendations and then we headed off to The RiverWatch in Brick, NJ.  Click here for the link to the RiverWatch

I love family vacations, but they can be a bit of work as far as organizing activities, meals and taking every one's tastes into account.  When it is just the Mr. and I the negotiating is quicker and easier.  Plus, I know he mostly just wants a good chicken dish for dinner.  Yes, typically Marsala.

We were seated quite quickly in the outer dining area and right by the windows with a view of the marina. The photo is an inside wall table.

We are able to hear the pleasant singing from the bar area and discover it is one man in a karaoke style.

Looking over the menu I do struggle to decide on an appetizer.  The Mr. surrenders in this culinary decision and says, "Whatever you want."  Thai Chicken skewers with peanut sauce it is!

The chicken was moist and delicious on its own.  I did enjoy wrapping the poultry in fresh spinach, pulling it from the skewer and dipping it in the flavorful sauce.

Warm bread.  It's like the pleasant smile of the meal.  Welcome.  Familiar.  

Time for the entrees and if we were using a two thumbs up voting system, I will spoil it for you now and say the main course would only receive one thump up.  Let's see if you can easily see which dish was not a raving success.

Here is the Mr.'s Chicken Marsala served over Risotto.

I know the photo quality leaves a lot to be desired.  Try to put that aside.

Here are the lobster rolls with fries and red cabbage cole slaw.

I loved my meal.  The fries were crisp, not greasy and the lobster meat was sweet, tender and present.  I leave the bun behind and am able to split the meal in half - the remainder will be lunch.  

The Mr.'s chicken dish...well, the sauce/gravy was far too thick, gloppy, heavy and not really tasting of Marsala wine.  The chicken itself was well prepared.  The risotto was dense, the flavor difficult to describe, and had an unusual mouth feel.

Dessert.  Well, the Mr. has struggled in finding the right cup of coffee when we are out to dinner and I often ruin his chances by ordering tea with milk.  Frequently this means the server will not bring cream and milk, only the milk I request.  He decides to quit now but will have a few spoonfuls of my sweet treat.

Bananas Foster.  Warm, gooey caramel, bananas, vanilla ice cream all topped with whipped cream. Lovely. 

We talk about what we hope to do and see during our mini-vacation.  We laugh about how quickly one perfectly prepared Cosmopolitan can cause me to become inebriated and giggly.  We try not to notice the horribly stained carpet and focus on how much I enjoyed my meal and we liked the appetizer.  Tomorrow we will be heading to Atlantic City and a casino we have never before visited.  A day for boardwalk walking, retail outlet stores, and perhaps another Happy Hour experience...a but those are stories for another day.  Tonight we were Fed Well and looking forward to a few days of a more leisurely pace.

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