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Monday, September 2, 2013

Spirit Cruise NYC - Perspective

Here we are ready for our day date!  Heading off to NYC to board the Spirit Cruise for a three hour tour. As you can see we had a beautiful sunny day and it wasn't too hot.

Here is the company's description of the trip.  It was a lovely and thoughtful anniversary gift from my sister and her family.

The Mr. drives us and I always love snapping pictures with my phone like a model tourist.

Sometimes, no matter how hard you look for a sign, you miss it. We were turned around for a minute but were able to get back on track fairly quickly and park on a side street near Chelsea Piers.

I have to admit, I love being a tourist.  I love snapping pictures and asking questions and taking it all in.  Our younger son used to mortified by these behaviors - keep in mind I don't wear tropical floral print shirts or anything, but I don't try to blend or pretend that I am a native.  I'm not.  

One change in society over the last few years is EVERYONE takes pictures now of everything.  Cell phone cameras have improved so that sometimes it may be hard for people to tell which of my blog post photos are from my camera or my phone.  We've all given each other permission to capture our memories without feeling ridiculous for doing so.

Waiting on line, it seemed like hundreds of passengers were waiting to board.  They were.  The ship has three levels of indoor seating for dining plus deck space.  We were lucky to have an empty table between us and another couple.  

Just as in a restaurant, we were greeted by a smiling server who gave us her name and brought us our drinks.

In addition to the drink menu with wine and beer, a few signature cocktails were suggested.  I tried a martini.

The French Ginger Martini

The drink was cold and strong.  Perfect.

The ship was still docked when our buffet lunch was served.  We later found out the ship also offers a seated dinner.  Trays and trays of food included roast chicken, roast pork in an apricot glaze, a wonderful cod, macaroni and cheese, pasta salad, tossed salad, potato salad, a variety of rolls, mixed vegetables and more. One example of a loaded plate:

Once seated, I realized I wanted salt and pepper.  Was it on the buffet line and I missed it?  I asked our server who brought me the cutest miniature salt and pepper shakers.  Yes, I left them on the table, but I just thought they were adorable.

Once lunch was mostly served, the ship pulled out and we were given mild narration by one of the ship's employees about the scenery, some history and our course.  Music was also played for those who wanted to stay inside and be on the dance floor.  We went up and out.  What a beautiful lounge area!

What a beautiful day!

We took in the sights like good tourists on an afternoon date.

Who doesn't love seeing the Statue of Liberty?

The Brooklyn Bridge

The Staten Island Ferry

We chatted and people watched from our sunny seats.  Birthdays and anniversaries were announced, the music continued, children shrieked, a bride and her bridal party were celebrating the end of single life and we were happy to simply take it all in.

Desserts were brought to the dining area but we didn't want to give up our table on the deck.  The Mr. went to seek our sweet treats and our smiling server had put them aside for us.

I always hate it when I could tell a good party was coming to an end and being served dessert is a good indicator the experience is almost over.

A few more pictures of the skyline and the Freedom Tower.

The ship begins its return to the colorful pier.

We watch a group of planes fly overhead and are a bit surprised they are hired skywriters.  Can you guess for which insurance company?  Hint:  the one with the gecko.

We did not park on the pier which gave us a bit of a chance to stretch our legs.  This is the part where I behave most like a tourist and snap pictures of everything.  A bit of sidewalk art...
(Yes, I could have kicked the garbage out of the picture, but really, should I?)

I know I am doing the right thing when a group of foreign tourists are also snapping away.  We smile and try to stay out of each other's shots, but you may be able to see a stranger or two in the reflection of the glass door.

Do we want to go anywhere else?  We talk it over for a few minutes and decide home is our next stop.  I snap another picture or two.

We are back on that beloved bridge and headed home.  The two of us.  

"On our way back home

We're on our way home

We're on our way home

We're going home

You and I have memories

Longer than the road that stretches out ahead..." The Beatles

The Beatles, "Two of Us" Youtube Video

We have had a wonderful, sun drenched, scenic and flavorful date.  We are Fed Well and grateful.  A fabulous gift and memory.

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