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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Hudson Valley Restaurant Week Launch at Millbrook Vineyard and Winery Autumn 2013

*Hudson Valley Restaurant Week is abbreviated to HVRW and can be found on Instagram, Twitter and all the popular social media sites. For a listing of participating restaurants and more information, click here.

I have attended several HVRW launches in the past and thank you meals for being a guest blogger. I have been lucky enough to dine at Kittle's Crabtree House, Restaurant X, the Culinary Institute of America and now the Millbrook Vineyard and Winery.  

Here is how the day looked for me (and yes, I did leave my day job for a half-day - who wouldn't?):

I started out clicking my ruby shoes together and hoping for an adventure!

It was a 90 minute drive from the day job to the winery. The bonus was that I did not get lost.  

What did we all do before the magic of a GPS?

The Winery:

Participating Chefs and Vendors

Vendors offered tastings from fresh, raw produce to gourmet pizzas topped with ingredients like kale and bacon or truffles. Some of the offerings were:

Dutch's offered a seasonal apple cocktail and was the first taste of the day.

All of the cheese were delicious. The Margie, which was compared to a brie, was smooth, creamy and lush. Many commented about loving the slate display.

The bounty of the harvest was beautifully staged and served:

A selection from Cosimos Restaurant Group

Action all around as press/media try to do their jobs as well:

A time for first Foie Gras from Hudson Valley Foie Gras:

Black coffee? Not normally something I indulge in, but Irving Farm Coffee Roasters made it something I might actually begin to crave.

Adams Fair Acre Farms was on hand with some very important goodies;  bottled water, bags for all the swag, fresh apples, and cheese platters.

Black Dirt Distillery from Warwick offered a selection of liquors, gin and more...

 Acorn Hill Farm located in Walker Valley, NY was on site with soft cheeses including ricotta, chevre and chevre with lavender and honey (my favorite of those offered).

Chef prepared venison stew with cheesy grits was simply  the star of the day. Unfortunately, the photograph was the worst of the event. The meat was tender, soft and succulent. I have eaten venison since childhood in a number of preparations and found this to be the best bite of the afternoon.

Time for dessert from Tantillo's Farm:

What did I enjoy from the Millbrook Vineyard and Winery?

The group photo was taken, some opted for tours of the winery with the promise of participating in a "crush" and since I am not a wine enthusiast and I do have about a 90 minute drive home, I opt instead to say my good-byes and pet the dog before heading off.  

I look forward to the meal I will have during HVRW and sharing the journey here on Fed Well.

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