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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Sunday Morning at the Cup and Saucer in Pine Bush, NY

A good meal to catch up over is breakfast and so I summoned available family members and headed out to the Cup and Saucer Diner in Pine Bush.  For me, it is almost like going to a friend's house; it is in a family friendly neighborhood, comfortable and casual.

After all, the food is important, but if the atmosphere is all wrong, I would never return.  I am always happy to see my friend, Marlene and am sure to run into others I know and care about. 

We talk about current events.  Our town has received some recent negative press and since we have lived in the area for 3 generations now, we try to envision the place that was written about compared to the hometown we see day after day.  The stories don't quite match and we wonder if we simply are not aware, if something was blown out of proportion, or if maybe the conspiracy theories are true and the horror stories were brought to light to portray the citizens in a bad light.

Breakfast.  The reason, or the excuse, for our gathering.  Here's a look at the food:

Fruit Cup

Though I'm not a grapefruit fan, the rest of the fruit is sweet and refreshing.  A great start to the meal.

2 poached eggs with wheat toast and potatoes

My breakfast.  I love eggs and have yet to meet a way to prepare them that doesn't make me happy.  The poached egg yields to gentle pressure from the toast and my taste buds smile at the warm gooey yolk.

Sunny Side Up with Bacon*

Silver Dollar Pancakes with Chocolate Chips

I enjoy watching Catherine as she dips each forkful of pancake very carefully into the container of syrup.

French Toast with Bacon

My Mommy knew exactly what she wanted without a menu and was happy with her choice.

*The photo of the eggs and bacon includes an extra side of bacon that came with the silver dollar pancakes. Serving size not typical :)

We talk.  We talk about family, aging, work and holidays.  Venting. Yes, that happens.  After all, if you can't talk it over with your family, who can you talk to?

The check is quietly place on the table and we continue to talk. The time passes quickly and people have come and gone. The day is dreary, rainy and cool, but I'm feeling Fed Well for having spent some time with my Mommy, and part of my little family. Before leaving, I run into a friend that is fairly new to my life but it feels like she has always been there. Cup and Saucer (though my mother-in-law has taken to calling it the Tea Cup) is simply one of my favorites. Time to part ways, but with a craving for something warm and sweet, I make a quick stop at the drive through for a pick me up.

An after breakfast treat - hot French Vanilla Latte!

Though the Fed Well blog may not have a particular rhythm, neither does life as it ebbs and flows, sometimes gently or with pounding fury. The grey rainy days serve their purpose as well, for without them, the continuous sun would make life a desert.

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