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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Ward's Bridge Inn

A few occasions in life simply call for going out to dinner afterward and Christmas Tree Hunting is one such time.  We opted to get this year's tree from the Montgomery Volunteer Firehouse and after a quick poll, Ward's Bridge Inn was the obvious choice for dinner.

The first sign of a good meal is a perfectly made cocktail and for me, yes, a Cosmopolitan.  It was delicious.

The discouraging aspect of food blogging lately has been dim restaurant lighting.  I try to be as discreet as possible and have implemented a "pass the phone" system at the table so my family can simply take a quick, non-flash photo of their plate and then pass it to the next person.  This method gives a varied perspective and allows us to get to our meal as quickly as possible.  However, with lighting that is too dim, I am not only slightly disappointed in the resulting photos, I can't help but feel it throws off the atmosphere just a bit as well.  I am all for mood lighting, and would balk at bright and glaring light, but like music, is a middle volume very difficult?

So, with advance apologies to photo quality, here is a peek at the food.

Soup to start for me.

The Manhattan Clam Chowder was loaded with celery, carrots and a few potatoes and clams.  The broth was flavorful and the soup was served piping hot.

The Mr. opted for a tossed salad he said was fresh and crisp (must have been great or he was starving since he only left behind a small sliver of cucumber because he does not like it).

Our young men passed on a starter course.

Main Courses/Entrees:

The Lobster Rolls were delicious.  I have to confess, I peeled the contents out of the bun and ate it with my fork.  The french fries were laced with Truffle Oil, perfectly crisp and seasoned.  I think I am still dreaming of them.

This is an example of an amazingly bad photo, low lighting, etc.  However, it was the Ward Burger platter and my older son made it disappear.

No, the Fed Well blog did not accept advertising on behalf of Heineken.  Our younger son recently turned 21 and so this was his first family dinner in a restaurant with an adult beverage.  Clinking my glass with his bottle for a symbolic "Cheers" was more than a toast, it was our family turning the corner into adulthood.

As for his dinner, the crispy onion straws were lightly crunchy and I was happy to help take a few from his plate.  The sirloin tips and potatoes were a small portion for a growing young man.

Everyone knows the Mr. enjoys chicken and his favorite is Chicken Marsala, but tonight he decided on Parmigiana.  I asked permission to sample and after I tasted both the pasta and chicken thought he would enjoy it.  He would have preferred more sauce and held further comment regarding the chicken and so we could only rate the overall dinners as 3 out of 4 forks up since he was not giving his meal an A grade and our younger son would have enjoyed a bit more food.

We bought the first Christmas Tree we saw.  We enjoyed a lovely meal together and though it took us a few days to all be together for decorating, the house and tree are ready.  We are Fed Well and I am sharing a peek at our personal life with a photo of our Maddy by the tree.  Happy Holiday, Merry Christmas and Terrific Tuesday to you and yours.

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