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Friday, January 24, 2014

Americana Diner for Breakfast

While I still thoroughly enjoy getting together with my lady friends for a fabulous Cosmo or other cocktail on a Friday night, we also agree to catching up over a leisurely breakfast from time to time. We rotate our location for a few reasons; fairness to those who live in different locations, switching up our orders (for some of us it is easier than others) and simply a change of scenery.  Someday I am hoping to really have a true brunch and mix our breakfast routine and a few Mimosa's or other equally acceptable early in the day adult beverage.

I wonder what each of our choices says about us as individuals.  A one scrambled egg with bacon, homefries and whole wheat toast plate.  Classic.  Traditional.  Reliable.  What other descriptors can you add?

A ham and Swiss cheese omelette.  Keep in mind, this is a huge change of pace for the lady who ordered it.  The omelette itself is also traditional.  Thinking of other adjectives, it may be considered faithful, practical, and efficient.  Well, efficient may be a stretch, but any omelette could arguably be called efficient as it is combining multiple ingredients in one dish. 

Eggs Florentine.  A bed of spinach cradling two perfectly poached eggs smothered in Hollandaise Sauce. Over the top?  Complicated? Complex?  It is far harder for me to label my own dish.  It was delicious though a bit overpowered by the generous ladle of sauce (next time I may opt to ask for an "on the side" serving - which could make it a high maintenance dish as well).  It was also the first time I tried this dish. Fabulous and I will look for it on future breakfast menus.

We were well taken care of.  Three rounds of "Can I get you more coffee" and two offers of, "Can I get you ladies anything else," before we were finally ready to leave.

Yes, the Americana Diner left us feeling Fed Well as we caught up and traded life stories over platters of eggs with coffee or tea.  Life is yummy.

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