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Monday, January 20, 2014

Vic's in Montgomery

I love routine, but once in awhile a mild adventure is perfectly fine and even welcome.  My older son was going to have some work done to his tattoo and since I am not familiar with the process (and sometimes I want to join in until I talk myself out of it) I really wanted to stop in and see what it looks like in the process.

I knew a pizza place was nearby and so I asked the Mr. and our younger son if they wanted to go on a Friday night field trip.  We started out at Vic's in Montgomery (Click here for their Facebook page) and ordered a large plain pie and while it cooked, my younger son and I checked in at 2Tone Tattoos (Click here for their Facebook page) while the Mr. guarded our table.

The building that houses Vic's

I've witnessed tattoos in progress before, none were on my sons, and I'm still not truly sure what I think about becoming a customer myself.  The shop itself was clean, seemed professionally run and simply gave off a good vibe.

2Tone Tattoos

I didn't want to stay long or be in the way.  I offered my son a slice of pizza (he already ate), but he did ask for a soda.  I imagined the constant buzz of the machine, reminiscent of a dentist drill, would be heard in both my son and his artists' sleep. 

Back at Vic's we wait just a bit longer for our pizza and watch customers come in and out for pick up or go through the take-out area to the dining room.

And then, it is our turn and this beautiful specimen is brought to our table.  I know immediately, it is love at first sight.  The crust is a good crisp texture, the cheese is stretchy, melted, ooey, gooey and without the drippy orange liquid slick and I know it is simply going to be in the top few pizza experiences, EVER.  Our highest gauge is Colandrea's (The Pizza King) in Middletown, and Vic's fairs really well among the three of us.

We will be back.  Next time, I really would like to try the dining room and yes, I think though it is slightly out of the way for us, we may become part of the takeout pizza crowd as well.

So, how is our son's tattoo going?  Here's a peek - it is still under construction and you can tell which area was recently worked on.

Three of us head back out into the January night and take in the sights.  Many towns still have a bit of the holidays still on and we couldn't help but notice this lit tree.

Happy eating in 2014.  May you and yours be Fed Well throughout the year!

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