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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Benchmark Pizza

A food blog without a photo of the food.  I know, it seems crazy. However, the point of this piece is merely to explain a bit about my theories in food blogging and especially about pizza.

Pizza is a wide world of culinary interpretation.  For the Mr., anything from a hut or chain of any kind is simply unacceptable.  I tend to agree most times.  We are from New York state and for us, crust is fairly thin, preferably crisp, bubbles are a bonus.  Cheese should be stretchy, ooey, gooey, but without a river of orange grease running down our arm when the slice is folded.  Sauce is a point where he and I can sometimes differ in opinion; a bit of sweetness is fine, but I feel the crust, sauce and cheese should work in balance and harmony with none being a main focus while he loves to taste and feel plenty of sauce.

In any case, Colandrea's pizza is our benchmark.  All other pizzas are judged and compared in relation to the Pizza King.

We recently had take out pizza and when the Mr. walked in the kitchen after a long day at work said, "Oh my, is it my birthday!" 

THAT is how special Colandrea's is to us.

The pizza that leaves us all feeling Fed Well and can turn an ordinary day into something fabulous.

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  1. I think pizza is like red sauce. you love the one you were brought up with. it is comfort food. Growing up,we could not afford pizza so I have no childhood experience. My younger brother[who became an only child when my sister and I moved away] measures all pizza against sal's pizza in Mamaroneck. when I meet younger folks from Westchester,they same the same thing. I started picking up pizza when I moved here in the 70's and started working. there were not pizza joints on every corner so we started using colandria's. to this day, it is my pizza of choice. I love specialty pizza with no red sauce but do not classify that as "real" pizza. you know a place is special because it survived at its location[with no delivery] even when the parking lot deteriorated and they were only ones left in strip mall. bravo to colandria!

  2. Thank you for sharing and reading Fed Well!