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Friday, February 14, 2014

Danny's in Wurtsboro - Winterfest After Party

On a wintry Saturday in Wurtsboro, the Board of Trade holds, "Winterfest."  For me, the highlight is the ice sculptures and carvings.  I walk from one end of town to the other with 2 girlfriends and we also check on the art exhibit in the Wurtsboro Art Alliance Gallery as well as the chili contest in the firehouse. 

When the day's fun has come to an end, the winners are announced and the crowds disperse, we opt for our own private after party at Danny's.

 A penguin sculpture outside of Danny's facing Sullivan Street.

I've been to Danny's a number of times and for some reason order a Whiskey Sour when I am there. They are wonderful and the fruit adds to the celebratory vibe.  One of my friends joins me with the same cocktail while the other sticks to coffee.

It is an in-between time as far as eating and I'm not yet hungry so snacks are in order.  I suggest to one of my friends that we split an appetizer and we somehow end up sharing two.  Our other friend orders a bar pizza.  

When any group of friends gathers, everyone is coming from a different place in their life or even their day.  One of us has a lot to talk about and the role of the other 2 is to listen.  Advice and suggestions may be given, but mostly it is a time for one person to simply talk things over with like minded women. The beauty of friendship is knowing you can trust people with whatever is going on in your world and they will not share the information nor place blame or judgment.  The friend dealing with a struggle actually apologizes for sharing and though I understand why a woman would do such a thing, but really, we have to stop.  We need each other to help keep us balanced and assured that we are not the crazy ones.  We are not alone.  No need to apologize.  Our after party had no agenda and if it means holding up a friend, then that that is what is all about.

Out come the appetizers.  First, steamed clams.  The problem here is I just had some really exceptional clams at Vic's in Montgomery and while I should not compare, it is simply too fresh in my mind. Danny's clams were good, but Vic's happened to be better.

Potato skins.  I used to love them about 20 years ago or more when I worked in the Newburgh Mall and they had a Ground Round.  I don't think I've had them much since then.  Danny's were filled with a liquidy cheese that could be associated with nacho cheese sauce and crispy bacon, served with a side of sour cream. They were quite satisfying and the salty snack accompanied by the Whiskey Sour made my mouth happy.  

So many memories swirl around while I eat and listen.  I remember going to Danny's with my mother and sister around the time of my sister's wedding since we patronized the dress shop across the street. I also think of my father when I eat potato skins because we ate regular baked potato skins before it was a cute culinary treat. It would be nice to sometimes tune out parts of the brain's inner-workings and multi-tasking to allow one function at a time the opportunity to really soak up the present.

Pizza.  Classic.  I cannot resist trying a piece.  The crust is crisp, sauce is mildly sweet and the cheese is ooey-gooey stretchy and delicious.  Why don't I think to come here more often just for pizza?  One friend shares it used to be "THE" place to get pizza for the area and I have to say, it was fabulous.

Danny's is comfortable with no fuss, practical and solid.  The service was friendly and the bar and dining room were busy.  I've been there before and I'm sure to return since I leave feeling Fed Well.

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  1. Never pictured you as a whiskey sour kinda woman!