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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Ruby Tuesday for Lunch

Saturdays at the mall...for some it is a dream, or a way of life, or a necessity, for me, it is dreadful.  Yes, dreadful, which is of course the polar opposite of fabulous.  Ugh.  

I had to go to pick up my new eyeglass lenses.  Long story, but my recent experience with lenses that were coated to avoid glare, etc. was a yearlong nightmare that included returning the lenses once because they were so horrible I could no longer see.  So, this year, new vendor, same frames and new lenses from a place at the mall. Ick again about the Galleria.  On pick up day, they would need my frames for "about an hour" so I would need a pair of eyes to accompany me and either scrutinize size and price tags or drive me someplace else while I was temporarily blind.  The Mr. is such a good sport, we shopped, left and had the car washed then decided on lunch at Ruby Tuesday to finish off the errands and my good behavior in a place I am most likely to throw a tantrum.

No lines, no waiting, it is exactly noon and time for lunch!  We are seated near the bar area and yes, the television sets are both a distraction and fuel for conversation.  I may not be an avid sports fan, but I have an interest and can hold my own as long as the topics are not hockey or car racing.  It is an awkward time for sports between the end of football and the opening of baseball.

Time to order and yes, I can't help myself, a cocktail is in order to take the edge off of the shopping experience.  Strange thing is, I was that teen girl who LOVED going shopping; every weekend, in and out of stores, dressing rooms, then off to plazas or boutiques when possible.  Now, I think I would break out in a rash.

So, yes to a Cosmopolitan.  Our lovely server did not even seem to judge me.  Instead she brought out Ruby Tuesday's latest attempt at competing with the awesome cheese biscuit from Red Lobster.  Sorry, but as far as chain's go, the Red Lobster and Olive Garden pre-meal carbs are the leaders for me.  Drowning the biscuit is also frowned upon as I had to eat it in bite size forkfuls rather than simply pick it up and enjoy.

Our lunches:

Yes, chicken for the Mr.  Who is surprised?  The club sandwich with a generous helping of french fries are a thumbs up.  While I write this blog I am aware of the Mr.'s creeping cholesterol numbers and have since eliminated fries as an option for him when we are together.  I know he sneaks them at work, but I will no longer contribute to the possibility of him needing medication to fix unhealthy choices.  

As for me, my cholesterol remains in the low 100's and I thoroughly enjoyed my turkey avocado burger though I boxed up half with half of my fries.  I was offered a second drink and I laughed, "No, I am one and done."  After all, I have to get used to my new, better, stronger, prescription progressive lenses that make me feel like Mrs. Magoo.

The lunch was delicious and thought provoking.  Once again, the Mr. and I are Fed Well.

Did I mention I dislike the mall?

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