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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Frank's for Lunch

Saturday.  A day for errands and yes, the dreaded shopping.  We've needed nightstands since, well, since I decided I do want nightstands in spite of their potential for being clutter catchers.  It is more important now that I have a bedside lamp so I can read if I want to and don't forget being able to be in bed without the threat of the boogy man grabbing me from under the bed before I turn out the light.

We went to 5 furniture stores including one that had an unfinished section, one that was going out of business and one that had a high-energy, won't take no for an answer, polite yet pushy salesperson who stalked us as we walked around the sales floor.  I was so turned off, I probably wouldn't have bought anything just because of her over the top approach.

I begin to melt down and feel like anyone of the characters in the Snickers commercials, because I am not me when I'm hungry (and when forced to shop) so we go into nearby Frank's in Middletown, NY.

I ask about the available soups and am happy to hear a short list rather than 1 or 2 choices.  I decide on garlic knots to go with my soup and the Mr. orders a Sicilian style slice.

Garlic Knots

Dough and sauce.  What could be better?  These are dripping with butter and covered in garlic.  The thing I didn't realize after 30 years together?  The Mr. does not eat garlic knots.  Hmmmm.  I also don't think I've ordered them when it was just the two of us- though they disappeared if I ordered them when our sons were younger.

The Mr. is content with his slice.  I've never cared for this version of pizza.  It reminds me of elementary school and the cafeteria...not that some of my memories aren't fond, but really, I just prefer classic, thin crust, Neopolitan pizza with an occasional Margherita pizza.

The soup was packed with pasta and beans and small chunks of tomatoes.  For those who love Parmesan cheese, this is the soup for you.  I have a narrow band of tolerance for the stinky cheese, but I do enjoy the soup.

We talk of our next plans of attack for the day and never end up with nightstands.  I did however, buy a fabulous desk.

A weekend of "doing what other people do" by shopping and stopping for lunch was nice, but this weekend we are back to running around in different directions and plan on meeting up later.  Either way, we are Fed Well and enjoy the change of pace.  Stop in Frank's for casual food, a clean restaurant, quick and friendly service.

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  1. I've never cared for Sicilian pizza either ... too doughy for my taste!