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Monday, June 30, 2014

Mariner's on the Hudson and Walkway over the Hudson

Take off on a workday for a date! Yes, do it!  Just once.  Make it a sunny day if you can help it with some real "date like" plans.  The Mr. suggested the Walkway Over the Hudson and we couldn't have had more perfect weather.  The picturesque cloud cover and breeze were just enough to keep us from melting in the June sun as we walked from the Highland to Poughkeepsie side then back on the Walkway.

We've yet to master the art of the "selfie" and after a few poorly cropped shots, I am forward enough to ask total strangers to take our picture.  I feel it is the era of capturing as many of our life events as possible and so it is not unusual for strangers to hand over their trusty electronics.  I am sure many have fancier/newer/upgraded devices than we do and I can tell from scrolling through social media that others have certainly mastered the art of the "selfie."  For now, I will keep it old school and ask for help when needed.

Though I don't usually share many of those personal shots here on the blog.  The Mr. is shy.

The shot above is looking out over the Poughkeepsie side.

This one is the Highland side.

Something about being near the water for me.  I love it in all forms, still, salt, running, from brooks or streams to lakes, rivers and oceans.  I feel calmer, relaxed and at ease.  I don't always have to be in it and in fact have been a bit cautious with a bit of anxiety since I was crashed down by a wave in the ocean a few years ago.  I felt like salt water burned my nose for a solid day after my face plant in the sand.

A view of the entrance.  The water, the walkway, the sky...

Plenty of room during the off hours (my new secret for getting a great table) during the vast space between traditional lunch and dinner.  I think it may drive the Mr. a little crazy because he is either starving from breakfast or joking that we are rushing into a senior citizen lifestyle by having dinner at 4.  

The view during lunch from the Highland side looking over the Hudson to Poughkeepsie.  Lovely.

A cocktail menu is starting to become a prerequisite for me.  I NEVER had an alcoholic drink with a meal while raising our sons.  Now that they are 21 and 25 years old, well, if I'm telling the truth - it's been a few years - I feel free to indulge every now and then.

A sunny day, dining al freseco, a Mojito seems in order.  The drink was crisp and refreshing, not overpowering without feeling weak.

Soup in summer? Yes, soup all year long and especially when it is clam chowder!  The broth was flavorful and the bowl had plenty of clams, potatoes and celery.  We shared the serving so we would have room for lunch.

For the Mr., a steak sandwich and fries.  He actually tossed a fry to the ducks! Can you believe it?  My favorite food of all time was flung out into the water for the fowl!?  

"If you must feed them," I said, "how about giving them pieces of your roll and if you don't want your fries, I will be happy to have some."

The seafood salad was my entree.  The shrimp were of medium size and fairly tender.  I should have asked for the dressing on the side since I usually prefer it without any dressing.

The ducks were happy to have a few french fries and bits of bread.

Entertainment? Sure, in addition to the ducks, a loooooong freight train went by and we were mesmerized like children by the cars and length of the train.

What else happened? Well, a woman was having soup and salad on her own just a few tables away from us. I asked our server if she thought I could pay for the woman's dessert without saying anything.  The server advised me she didn't think the woman would order dessert and so I anonymously paid for her soup. My first random act of paying it forward for a stranger.  We were gone long before the woman found out half of her bill was paid and no, it wasn't about whether she seemed in financial need or not.  For me, it was about stepping up and just doing something nice for a stranger.

You know what?  It kind of leaves you feeling Fed Well.

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