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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Blue Finn Grill & Sushi in Middletown

I am quite lucky and appreciative to lead a full and fairly busy life that includes a Mr. I adore, our fabulous adult sons and a pack of girlfriends with varying interests and levels of availability.  One of my newest gal-pals and I see each other every 2 weeks or so, sometimes alone, with our men, or with other friends.  One of us will simply text the other to see if we are up to do something and off we go or we may have to pass and offer to meet up another time.  No strings, no games, no pressure and I love it!

One Friday night the car cruise held in the Playtogs Shopping Center parking lot on Dolson Avenue was suggested and so the night begins.  The Mr. has 2 vintage/classic cars and he is always up for the opportunity to bring one out of the garage.  My friend has a fun Porsche which she enjoys driving as well as talking with other car enthusiasts about at the shows.  So, the 3 of us met up with my younger son and strolled the lot. Here is a small sample of the vehicles on site that night:


The local Mustang club was also on hand, a number of muscle cars and other classics - untouched and custom restored.  

It wasn't long before we were hungry and my girlfriend opted to stay at the car cruise while we went off to the Blue Finn Grill and Sushi nearby and across Dolson Avenue.  I find that sushi is quite a polarizing food choice with people loving or hating the very idea of it.  It seems to be required the Blue Finn also have the word "grill" in the name to welcome a wider array of patrons.

I promise to bring my friend back some take out and send her cell phone pictures of the vast menu:

Here is how our food looked:


Steak with lobster tail

Steak with shrimp

Chicken Satay

Overall, we were very satisfied with the way our food tasted.  I had the chicken appetizer as a main course and was happy with the flavor of both the poultry and the peanut dipping sauce.  However, the Mr. and my son left the table hungry.  The meal was not inexpensive and so for them, I was disappointed.  My friend had salmon tempura and if I would have known the portion size, I would have either ordered 2 or encouraged her to make another selection. Again, the flavor was commendable.  

Back to the car cruise and my friend and a fun Friday night. Being together and able to combine hobbies, friends and family all leave me feeling Fed Well.

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