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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Mia's Kitchen in Suffern

My life is pretty compartmentalized between how I make a living (which has 2 distinctly different facets - the one I love and the one that pays the bills) and my personal life.  Sometimes it is best to think of the scene in Ghost Busters where the men are emphatically instructed, "DO NOT CROSS THE STREAMS," - this direction is mostly the rule but, yes, with a few exceptions. Click here to remember the scene from Ghost Busters  Trust me, for the most part it is best that I do not cross the lines between what is personal into professional, but making a few friends along any path in life is always a great choice.

I have made a few good friends at my day job and one of the best aspects is lunch. We have our favorites spots which include a Mexican hacienda, 2 different Chinese restaurants, a diner, a few pizza places for different reasons and now a new addition to the rotation is Mia's Kitchen.

I stopped in one day and picked up a menu the old fashioned way, but you can visit Mia's Kitchen by clicking here.

The options very vegetarian friendly, healthier and not typical. Many of us were looking forward to a visit, but as it happened, it was a lunch for 2.

The eclectic decor demands attention.  I was a bit distracted when I placed my order because I really wanted to take it all in and somehow have it make sense.  Elvis, Snoopy and the Wizard of Oz album covers (and the Partridge Family though it can't be seen in this photo) mixed various framed photos are hung on cheery yellow walls.

Behind the counter, Charlie Brown stretches his arms in anticipation of a big hug and offers visitors a smile.

While waiting for my food, I couldn't help but talk things over with my friend (sort of the investigative reporter in me - crossing the streams):  "I wonder who Mia is -his daughter or wife?"  "Do you think the album covers were his?"  

The next customer who came in went right ahead and asked the man behind the counter many of the questions I had and more.  I was able to satisfy my curiosity without driving anyone crazy, well, if you don't count listening to the not very quiet exchange the 2 men were having.  Mia is his daughter, the album covers were his and he still enjoys much of the music though no mention was made about the Partridge Family. 

Although I looked over the paper menu, it is helpful that many items are available for visual decisions in glass coolers.  My friend and I both decide on the eggplant, roasted red pepper and fresh mozzarella with pesto panini.

As  you can see, the eggplant is quite meaty and generous in portion.  The sandwich was a pleasant diversion from our usual fare, tasted great and didn't leave us hating ourselves for overeating.

I also ordered a small side of sweet potato salad with pecans.  I was surprised for some reason that it was served cold though a salad by it's very name implies "cold." I guess it was my lack of experience with eating this particular potato chilled.  I was in love. The sweet potato is meant to be paired with pecans and though I'm not a fan of the pie (I think it is a texture thing) I imagine this dish is very much based on those tastes with the healthy dial turned way up.  No mayonnaise, no fats, just sweet potatoes and pecans.  Yum.

Mounted on the wall next to our tables was a framed photo of Lucy and Desi that looked like this:

Posed or not, under protest or in the middle of a fight, it doesn't matter - they were married for years and years and worked together.  Was it the crossing of the streams that contributed to their divorce? Doesn't really matter.  I prefer to simply think of them as a couple in love when I see this image.

Mia's Kitchen brought the eye down memory lane and gave the taste buds a memorable and healthy treat.  My friend and I were fed well and will return with more of our friends, or are they co-workers?Sometimes you have to mix it up and cross the streams.

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  1. Sounds like a great place. Will have to stop by the next time I'm in the area to visit my family. ~M